26 April 2023

Training quote of the day #43: Victor Korchnoi

   From the commentary to game 40 in My Best Games by Victor Korchnoi (2011 edition):

At this point I remembered or, it would be better to say, I sensed that I had reached this position 27 years earlier in a game with Polugayevsky! Generally speaking, it is useful for a chess player to have a good memory - very often he does not need to seek the best move himself, but it is sufficient for him to choose something from the examples that are available (and residing in his memory!) But there is a limit to any memory. Of the approximately five thousand games that I have played, it is doubtful whether I remember the contours of one quarter of them! But this game with Polugayevsky was one that I remembered. I made there an unusual move - with my knight to g1, and I won! Without thinking for long, that is what I played.

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