06 April 2023

"5 Things to Know - Before playing your first over-the-board tournament" - Chess.com article

This Chess.com article - https://www.chess.com/article/view/playing-your-first-chess-tournament - which confusingly has different titles on the site - is an entertaining view of the initial OTB tournament experience by streamer Jules, who recently re-started her tournament career. There are different takes on this "first tournament" experience across the chess community - including this blog's "Your first (serious) chess tournament" - but seeing them is always a good reminder for me of the special nature of a tournament experience. It also should be encouraging for people who want to start (or re-start) their own tournament career, so they can see they are not alone in experiencing how sometimes fearful but also exhilirating it can be.

Since it's a personal take on the experience, nothing is really "wrong" about the article, although perhaps it shouldn't be taken literally as a to-do list. For example, learning how to set your own clock prior to the tournament is just good planning, either using its instruction sheet or a YouTube video, rather than relying on the kindness of strangers. (You also don't need to say "adjust" when straightening pieces on the board before a game has started.) That said, her "Just Leap" advice is otherwise good.

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