16 October 2022

Training quote of the day #40

 Genna Sosonko, from the Preface to My Best Games by Victor Korchnoi (2011 edition):

His uncompromising nature, motivation and eagerness for a struggle are well known. These qualities, together with imagination in chess, are usually typical of youth, and with age they normally fall away. Experience is accumulated, novelty loses its attraction, and there is hardly anything to excite the imagination or to urge one on, as in one's younger years. With Victor Korchnoi, this has not happened. He is still searching, analysing, preparing for tournaments and playing.

Korchnoi often says about himself that he was never a child prodigy: both the master title, and that of grandmaster, as well as his further ascent up the chess hierarchy, were achieved by him with considerable difficulty, accompanied by rises and falls...there are two qualities that distinguish Korchnoi among his many colleagues: his boundless love for the game, and his absolute honesty in analysis.

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