05 March 2016

Insights from GM Walter Browne

I found the following observations to be particularly relevant to improving players, taken from the preface to The Stress of Chess and its Infinite Finesse: My Life, Career and 101 Best Games by Walter Browne. RIP.
As we are a playful species and chess is the highest form of intellectual combat, it seems only natural to be immersed in it.
It is almost unequalled as a teaching tool, especially for the young who will learn to think ahead creatively and logically. Who will learn to manage resources, patience and, hopefully, determination and respect for their adversaries as well as good moral character.
Preparation was the key to try to stay ahead of the clock and put my adversaries under pressure early with new ideas. Endgame knowledge was essential, so I always carried and studied a rook-ending book.
I firmly believe that by competing you are a winner, no matter the result. 

Trophy: '1975 United States Chess Champion'

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