27 July 2023

Training quote of the day #44: Victor Korchnoi

 From the commentary to game 54 in My Best Games by Victor Korchnoi (2011 edition):

A clash of plans is a normal phenomenon in a full-blooded game. There are two ways of behaving in this case. For example, you can continue carrying out your plan in the hope of being the first to create real threats. Or, putting your own problems to one side, in the first instance you can try and prevent the opponent from activating his position. One of the greatest experts of this so-called preventive style was Tigran Petrosian. Mikhail Botvinnik, who was removed from the world chess throne by Petrosian, with a grudge in his voice called Petrosian a 'destroyer of ideas'. This implies that he himself was a creator... Meanwhile, to anticipate the opponent's plans and then forestall them is a great skill, in no way inferior to the skill of 'creating'! 

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