21 February 2023

Training quote of the day #42: Victor Korchnoi

  From the commentary to game 35 in My Best Games by Victor Korchnoi (2011 edition):

There are two types of sacrifices in chess. When a player sacrifices a minor piece, he usually calculates the variations as far as mate, or to the regaining of the material. And this calcuation does not normally demand any great effort. It is another matter when a pawn, rook or queen is sacrificed. Usually such a sacrifice is made not on the basis of deep calculation, but by intuition. After all, often the human brain is not in fact capable of working out all the variations in a complicated position! You have to trust your intuition. It may happen that your intuition deceives you. But human life, in general, is full of dangers! You have to take a risk... And not only at the chess board! 

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