01 May 2022

Launch of Chess Dojo training program


I'm naturally on the lookout for good training resources, including more comprehensive chess training programs. One of the issues I've previously mentioned here, that I believe especially holds adult improvers back, is the lack of access to structured, interactive programs. Personal coaches obviously can be good, but the level of instruction quality and individual attention to your particular needs will vary. I still think that self-study programs are an excellent option; some examples are in the linked post above. However, most people (I daresay even myself) will do even better as part of a "live" (including virtual) and interactive program, simply because that is how human psychology works.

I was therefore very interested to see today's official launch of the Chess Dojo training program. The core practices include classical time control play and analysis of your games, which is a repeated theme of this site on how real progress is made in gaining chess strength. Its summary description:

A structured plan to hold yourself accountable to and a group to do it with.



- Structured training plans for all levels 0-2400 FIDE

- A dedicated cohort to analyze, spar, and grow with

-Tactical milestones/benchmarks to achieve
-Opening, middlegame, & endgame sparring positions to hone your skills


Included within the training plans are videos/guides on how to properly work through the material, as well as specific games to study, games to memorize, opening repertoires, and other useful content. 

Some top chess trainers are behind the program: GM Jesse Krai, IM David Pruess and IM Kostya Kavutskiy. They appear to have put something serious together.

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  1. Anonymous01 May, 2022

    Thanks for the link! I agree it looks like a good group's behind it. I got a lot out of the old analyzing videos by Pruess.


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