01 April 2022

En Passant rule removed as of April 1st

It has been announced that the en passant rule will be disappearing. This means that nearly-impossible tactics trainer problems with this feature will go away, which I am pleased with. Some people are quitting chess as a result, however. This seems a little out of proportion, but I wish them well. Personally, I would only quit chess if FIDE did away with the under-promotion rule, since it is a key feature of one of my opening repertoire lines in the Caro-Kann.

(The last part of the last sentence is actually true.)


  1. Not sure I would have believed that if I had read it first hand, although I rarely visit chess.com. Chess wouldn't seem the same without the ep rule. Not sure that I have ever played someone who didn't know it, but there is often a surprise when it splayed. Not always taken account of in calculation !

    Keep up the blog, its a good read. I've tried to comment before, but either my browser or google account doesn't interact properly :(

    1. Thanks! The quitting chess blog post was a masterpiece, looks a lot like similar ragequit ones until you get down further into it. Hopefully you'll start blogging again too. ;)


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