07 February 2021

Training quote of the day #34: Alexei Suetin

The study of master games

    A player wanting to improve has to work on chess literature. This is an axiom. An opening guide, or, say, a collection of master games, is just as necessary to a chess player as a stadium is to other sportsmen.

    For this work, literature of various types is needed. This means text books on the various stages of the game, opening manuals and guides, tournament books, the best games of outstanding masters, and so on.

    A special place is occupied by the study of games from major chess events. A harmony between evaluation and calculation in your play can be achieved only if you constantly practise analysis. Therefore it is essential to analyse master games, to be able to understand correctly their ideas and the reflection of these ideas in their annotations, and also to evaluate the quality of annotation.

From "In the Player's Laboratory" in Three Steps to Chess Mastery by GM Alexei Suetin 

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