25 June 2015

GM Walter Browne, 1949-2015

The full ChessBase news article is here.

I had the privilege of playing in a simul at a National Open tournament with GM Browne; the game has pride of place as Annotated Game #1 on this blog.  He was an exciting part of the U.S. chess scene for a long time, including the Fischer era.  He continued playing at a high level and with great energy through this year's National Open, being both combative and dedicated to the game while remaining a gentleman at the board.  His games, at least, will live on.

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  1. Ah, that's sad. Read the whole bio section of his book and have reviewed a number of the games included. The commentaries are very thorough and quite enjoyable.

    As has been noted elsewhere, the bio section is not very personal or revealing, and often it kind of just resembled lists of facts, but I still enjoyed reading it and there were a fair number of anecdotes of various kinds mixed in. Still, as I haven't really read so much about any other player I did end up feeling a connection to him. Well, I guess time moves on.


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