04 May 2015

Chess computing resources for 2015 - ChessBase web-based applications

Since ChessBase recently posted its list of applications available on the web, I've decided to update my earlier "Chess computing resources for 2015" series with a link.  This increased availability of web-based resources is another step towards transforming the past model of players having to acquire multiple (and expensive) software packages with somewhat arbitrary separations in functions.  The list (you can follow the above link for them all) includes:

ChessBase online database (source of the above screenshot)
Fritz on the Web
Fritz and Chesster educational program
ChessBase's cloud database service
Tactics Trainer

All of them have free options, only a registration is required.  Given ChessBase's past tendency to charge on the high end of the market, this is welcome (and probably necessary from a business point of view, given other web-based apps' availability).

If you already have the full ChessBase software installed, some of the apps are redundant or scaled-down in terms of features, but they could still be helpful if you're away from your main computer.  From an aesthetic standpoint, I prefer the ChessBase/Fritz style boards to other types, so there's also some benefit simply from having better quality (and consistent) visuals in the different chess apps.

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  1. Anonymous08 May, 2015

    HEy Chess Admin!

    Oddly enough I am transitioning almost all of my chess study to my Android tablet. I like the apps and work flow better! And prefer to read chessbooks on a kindle as well. These Chessbase online apps look cool! The Chessbase app for android is REALLY nice!



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