17 March 2014

Reloader tactic: Candidates 2014 - Round 2

I could not pass up the chance to highlight the following reloader tactic, which I think is an outstanding example of the concept, in this game from Round 2 of the ongoing Candidates tournament.  Conceptually, one can see that the Black queen has very few squares and is nearly trapped; it just requires understanding how to trap it, which in this case means moving a knight to e4 - twice in a row.  Also another useful example in a broader sense of the importance of CCT, in this case the threat being to trap the queen, regardless of the fact that the first knight can be taken.

Video analysis of the game by Kingcrusher


  1. Good to see the practical application of tactics, even ( especially ?) at such a level.

    The link directs me of the Weteschnik book. Probably the first real tactics book I bought when I re-started chess a few years ago, and a timely reminder to pick it up and review it again !

    1. The book is still the best I've seen on tactics and for those who haven't seen the post on it, it's worth reviewing.


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