24 August 2013

Chess Blogs That Used to Be Good (and might be again)

For those who haven't seen it, Blue Devil Knight's Blogotypes post was one of the most popular ever on a chess blog.  Here's what could be considered a new blogotype; ironically enough, BDK's blog heads the list.  Perhaps you can identify some other examples.

Blogs That Used to Be Good (and might be again)
These chess blogs used to frequently titillate the reader with witty, useful or simply entertaining content, but no one really knows when they'll be updated again or if the blogger still cares about his/her followers.  Bloggers who are dead (or at least dead to the chess world) are ineligible. 

Confessions of a chess novice

BDK's tour de force of bloggery.  Follow this former Knight Errant of the Michael de la Maza (MDLM, not to be confused with MDMA) school through his journey into the world of chess improvement, the Seven Circles of Hell, and entertainment galore.  Blog derailed due to child and Post-World Open Stress Disorder.  However, he is Only Mostly Dead; has been seen at the International Chess School forum and in the occasional blog comment.  (Arguably could also be considered Blogotype #12.)

Soapstone's Studio

Highly creative and entertaining story-based annotated games (see Saving Private Ryan) mingled with reflective chess improvement insights (Goblet O'Training) and periodic chessic existential angst (perhaps the reason for infrequent appearances).  Not completely dead, having been sighted in 2013.  Seeing a link to this set me thinking about the blogotype.

Robert Pearson's Chess Blog

The Artist Formerly Known as Wahrheit is still alive and kicking, but posts are infrequent and limited to links to occasional flashes of activity at the Chess Improver.  Mysterious allusions are made to "projects in a different field" he is working on.  Anything to do with the Area 51 project declassification?


Contains a mix of endless speculation on the thinking process, real-world examples analysis, and repeatedly changing theories.  Helped firm up my appreciation of the importance of CCT even after the blog moved on to other theoretical pastures.  I haven't always agreed with his posted conclusions - which sometimes contradict themselves over time - but the posts always made me think.

Blunder Prone

An entertaining blog by an everyman chess/guitar player you want to root for.  Tournament experiences (including the aptly hilarious Grinch vs. Whoville series), historical stories and improvement insights are all abundant.  Derailed by family upheaval and professional reinvention.  Comeback possible?

Castling Queen Side

Clever title from this experienced chessplayer/TD/instructor who documents her travels and travails in the chess world.  Some great tournament posts from far afield, including Bermuda, interspersed with the pain of "cracktion" and chess parents.  Other interests like Tae Kwon Do may have taken over from chess (or at least chess blogging).


  1. Comeback is pecking at the egg shell even as I write!

  2. So it's interesting to see some of the above resurrected, including most recently Blunder Prone. Temposchlucker has been back for a while now and Soapstone was (again) last sighted in July. All are quality sites worth visiting and perusing. Unfortunately Robert Pearson's comeback was quite short lived (September 2015), but who knows what the future will bring...


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