07 March 2012

Chess Carnival "Best Of", Part Deux

The second installment of Robert Pearson's "Best Of" Chess Carnival is now up.  As usual, I like to post some initial reactions to the Carnival content which you can find via the link.

My favorite part hands down is the reminder of  "Hardcore Pawnography" by chessloser.  It's now a zombie blog, but it's still the most hilarious (OK, perhaps only hilarious) chess blog in existence, although I have to give Liquid Egg Product part credit.  Like Dr. Frankenstein, I only became acquainted with the blog after its death, but thanks to the Wayback Machine it lives again.

That in turn leads to some thoughts about the dead blogs littering the internet landscape.  Chess is hardly unique in that respect, but it's too bad that some of the truly stellar chess blogs out there are either MIA or KIA.  Might have something to do with the fact that their authors put heart and soul into their efforts, which leads (inevitably?) to burnout in the long run.

As for this blog, I deliberately don't stray too far from its central purpose as a training tool, and rarely attempt to be witty and entertaining, so I think it'll be around for the long haul.

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