04 October 2011

October 2011 Chess Carnival

This month's blog carnival is now up at Chess for All Ages by Mark Weeks.  Long lineup this month, so will take a while to get through.  My early favorite, however, is "The dark art of games(wo)manship" at the Hebden Bridge Chess Club site.  Aside from the timely storyline, it actually is useful in highlighting two different psychological traps that players can fall into at the board - the first being finding one threat from your opponent and then ignoring others, the second being the pitfalls of repeating a move.


  1. Thanks for the plug Chess Admin! We aim to entertain as well as educate at HBCC :) The Carnival is really going great now and the volume of content is growing every month ! Do you plan to host one here before the year is out?

  2. Hey Intermezzo, I believe all of the carnivals are taken for 2011 already. Aside from that, I'm not looking for a lot of publicity for this blog, which in any case pales in comparison to more established ones (e.g. HBCC), but would step up to the plate if needed.


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