17 July 2011

A word on titles and such

Before creating this blog, I searched on "Path to Chess Mastery" in order to make sure that no one else had already claimed the title.  Not unexpectedly, there were two similarly-titled blogs that popped up - "The Path to Chess Mastery" by stringplayer 92 and "chess mastery" by Sentinel.  The first one consists of one post from April 2009, while the second one stopped publishing in May 2010.

Given the fact that this blog's title is at least slightly different and that the other two blogs have gone dark, I feel comfortable in keeping it.  However, I believe it's worth giving the others their due mention, especially in case someone is looking for them and stumbles across this site instead.

Seeing the abandoned blogs was also something of a cautionary tale, since both the authors apparently had the intention of keeping them up as a training tool, as well.

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